Jennifer Steel (1st draft)

Jennifer stepped out of her tan Isuzu Rodeo and shut the door after locking it. She looked around, but couldn’t find her friend Danni. ‘That’s odd. Danni’s usually at our meeting spots before I am,’ she thought. She looked around at the deserted amusement park. It had closed down years ago, but the city never seemed to have the money, or inclination, to tear the place down, or do anything else with it. Even though she preferred the darkness, Jennifer had to admit to herself that the area was giving her the willies. She walked closer to the gate. The steady wind began to pick up. Near the base of the gate, Jennifer saw a slumped shape. ‘Oh, God, Danni!’ Jennifer thought as she rushed over. However, it wasn’t her friend slumped over by the bottom of the gate. Instead, it was her ever present laptop next to a pile of garbage bags. She bent over and picked up the computer. It was a little dinged up, but it still powered on. When the screen lit, Jennifer let out a small scream: there was a lot of blood on the keyboard. She resisted her first urge to throw the laptop away from her in revulsion and instead carried it over to her truck. She set it on the hood and attempted to wipe off some of the blood from the screen. It smeared a bit, but then she was able to see the login box. She thought for a few moments, then typed in Danni’s favorite phrase: “Rob is a hottie!”
She shook her head at that. The Rob in question was a friend she had met at a coffee shop/internet café. He was a little annoying, but he was fun, too. She had introduced him to Danni about a month ago and she couldn’t stop talking about him. Rob, for his part, was completely oblivious. Jennifer enjoyed teasing him about how much he wanted to date herself, and had even more fun verbally playing the role of his boyfriend and having him play the role of her girlfriend. He was even willing to play dress up for her. She chuckled: Rob only did that stuff because he wanted to go to bed with her. Naturally, he claimed otherwise.
The computer beeped and displayed a wrong password notification. A hint also appeared: Fibonacci. That made no sense to her. She shrugged and put the laptop into her truck. After stashing it under the seat, she pulled the gift that Rob had given her earlier in the day from the glove compartment. Seeing it again caused her to flash back to him giving it to her.

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