Jennifer Steel (raw) update

Jennifer slid the .45 in the holster at the small of her back and pulled out a Capone cigarillo. She inhaled the first drag, glad Rob wasn’t around to see this. He would lecture her about being mean to his Kirei. She smiled at the memory of when he decided that was to be her nickname. At the same time, she was glad for Rob’s weird feeling. She thought she might need the gun. She grabbed her Maglite from the glove compartment as well and began searching for her friend. She depressed the three pound light’s button and played the powerful beam over the ground. She saw a few scuff marks and old tire tracks, but no other indication that anyone had been in the area. When she came back to where she’d found the laptop, she found a smear of blood. The dark smear went in passed the gate. She drew her gun and switched her grip on the flash light. Jennifer held the barrel of the light in a reverse grip, pointed forward and the HK rested on her wrist and also pointed forward. As Rob had showed her, her index finger rested alongside the barrel of the gun near the trigger guard.
Jennifer went through the gate, looking around for more blood, the gun following her eye movements. She soon found a trail of blood heading towards the old funhouse. Before following it in, instinct made her kneel by a splash of blood and touch it. It was tacky. ‘Maybe an hour old,’ she thought. The relative freshness of the blood gave her hope that her friend was still alive. She carefully entered the funhouse and played the powerful beam of light around the building. It no longer appeared to be a maze like in its heyday; too many mirrors were broken to maintain that illusion. As Jennifer made her way further into the abandoned building, glass crunched under foot. The perfect silence was eerie. She had never been in a place where the only sounds she could hear were her heartbeat and her own breathing. She knelt by another splatter of blood and touched it. This one was fresher, not as tacky as the spot outside. While she checked the blood, she heard the crunch of glass under someone’s foot. She whipped around to the direction of the step, shining the light. Her fist tightened on the grip of the gun.
“Who’s there?!” she called, flipping away the cigarillo.
There was no answer. She decided to try a bluff.
“L.AP.D!” she yelled. “Identify yourself!”
A chuckle sounded from behind her. She spun around on her knee, shredding her jeans and knee on broken glass. She cussed under her breath as she moved the flashlight around, searching for the source of the laughter. She couldn’t see, or hear, anything but got a weird feeling that something big was rushing at her. She rose to her feet in a hurry, turning to where it felt like it was coming at her and fired off four quick shots. The bursts of sound caused the tension to drain away, but she still didn’t see anything. Jennifer stood in the new silence, ears ringing, heart racing and lungs burning. Another crunch of glass caused her to run in the opposite direction, whimpering at the pain in her bleeding knee. She came to a dead end in a long corridor. It terminated in three doors. The one on the left had a picture of an open treasure chest filled with gold and jewels, the one in the middle had an image of a skull and crossbones and the one on the right had a picture of a dragon battling a tiger. The details were breathtaking. The crunch of glass came faster. She reached for the door with the carving of the dragon battling with the tiger and strode in, gun raised and flashlight forward.
As the door swung shut behind Jennifer, a tall, dark haired man approached it. He lightly ran his fingers over the intricately carved surface, deep in thought.
“That’s not supposed to be here,” he murmured.
The man opened the door and stepped through behind her.