Guest Bloggers

Hey, Followers!

I’m looking for some guests to post about writing. Whether you just blog, are a beginning author (like me! :-D), or a published novelist, I’d like you to post a blog for my readers. Tell us a bit about what you’re writing about: Is it random thoughts? Is it a novel? A screen play? A children’s book? Or, share some of your writing routine: Do you write for two hours every morning no matter what? Do you map things out step-by-step? Or do you write by the seat of your pants? Maybe even share some of your writing expertise: Are settings your speciality? Are you great at showing your character’s feelings? Maybe you are awesome at allowing your MC’s to get into trouble? Don’t forget, after you post for us, leave a link to your blog and/or book(s). I want my readers to find you, too.

Any thing like that would be awesome. Leave a comment below indicating your interest, or contact me one of the otherways.