Still More Raw Jennifer Steel

Jennifer sat on the cold stone floor of the cave. Further in than she wanted to go, she could hear small animals scurrying around. The smoke from her bonfire kept larger animals away. The fire crackled and popped as she stared into the orange and white flames. The heat dried her eyes and made her cheeks prickle, but she didn’t want to move further back. She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to keep them moist. A cool wind swept into the cave and swirled the smoke into her face. She coughed hard, and spat excess saliva into the fire. After several minutes of staring into the fire, she yawned. Seconds later, she raised her arms out from her body in a stretch, closing her eyes as she yawned again. Her eyes heavy, her head began to sag forward. She jerked her head up, only to have it slide forward once more. Soon, her head rested on her knees and gentle snores filled the air.

Sorry this one is so short y’all. You’ve alomost caught up with me on this one. I’ve been focused on polishing my first novel. I think I might be close to getting it published. I’m going to change things starting this week. In the future, my raw updates of Ms. Steel’s story will only come on Fridays. This way I can get a little ahead again. 🙂

Tell me what y’all think of this blurb in the comments below, would you?