Not Another Monday!

That used to be my reaction, too. I know Mondays aren’t everyone’s favorite day of the week, but I have something that will hope fully make it better for you: Carter Blake Mondays! I know what you’re thinking: Da fuq? Allow me to explain. Every Monday, I will be posting a raw version of an “Into The Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake” section for your reading enjoyment. This one is a great deal more polished than Jennifer Steel, Agent of the F.S.I.A., so I think you’ll get more enjoyment from it. We’ll start with the prologue to whet your appetite and I’ll post Chapter 1, subchapter 1 later this evening. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Into The Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book 1


I squinted across the dusty bowl of the coliseum where I found myself. An alarmingly huge, ripped bald man with fur briefs and a leather breast-plate careened towards me. The scorching sun sucked rivers of sweat from his bulging biceps. Screaming a horrendous battle cry, he swung a serrated great sword at my head. I ducked, feeling the breeze of the blade swooping by, As the crowd in the stands roared its approval,.
‘Whoa! Who the hell has a serrated great sword?!’ I mentally shouted. It may have sounded a bit like a girl-scream. Hell, it was a really big sword.