NaNoWriMo Character Blog Hop

I recieved info about a Character Blog Hop from a friend, Lanise. Sorry it took me so long to post, dear lady.
Me being me, though, I had to put my own twist on things. So, this is the first ever (as far as I know) NaNoWriMo Character Blog Hop. The difference is that we use a character from our NaNoWriMo novel. So, the instructions will be below and my answers will follow. Sounds fun, eh?

Here’s the instructions:

Nadine at CC came up with this idea for a different type of a
character interview.

If you’d like to join in, here are the instructions:

Well, this week we’ve set up the Character Blog Hop! It’s very simple:
just have one of your characters answer the questions, then link to
other bloggers’ posts.

But maybe I should let Cloverpuff explain… Your turn, Clover!


Hello everybody! I’m Cloverpuff, the dimension-hopping rabbit. I’ll be
popping by your novels this week, asking your characters these

1) What’s your name?

2) What were you doing when I came in?

3) If I told you you had to do some spring cleaning right away, what
would you throw out?

4) Look deep into my eyes… Do you have any secrets you’d like to confess?

5) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

6) And what do you like most about yourself?

7) Is there anyone you really, really hate? Come on, you can tell me!

8) Imagine it’s a typical Saturday afternoon. What are you doing?

9) What’s your strongest childhood memory? It can be good or bad.

10) Well, thank you for your time! Before I head on back to my dimension,
can you complete this sentence for me?

If I could be a domestic appliance, any appliance, I’d be a…

Now I’ll hop on over to… [insert other bloggers’ links here]

I’m gonna cheat here. I’m not gonna re-write the questions. This will be with my female MC, Kirstin Stone, a Fire Assassin.
I’m skipping the first question because I already answered it. Whoops. lol

2) I was practicing my flame throwing.
3) Spring cleaning? What is that?
4) I like rabbit stew.
5) My eyes. Everyone has brown eyes.
6) I like my dedication the most. None of my targets have ever escaped.
7) I really hate annoying, talking bunnies.
8) A typical Saturday? I’m usually training, or hunting my target.
9) My strongest childhood memory is of the beach. Waves crash against the white sand. A huge fire burns nearby.
10) An appliance? C’mere, you stupid bunny! *chases the rabbit which hops off*

The bunny hops as fast as he can to:

Sweet Mother

Brother Jon

Meeka’s Mind

What do you guys think? Let me know below!


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