Sweet Mother

For today’s Sweet Mother post I’m going to send you elsewhere.  That’s right.  There are two things you should see today.  One is a beautiful new post over at Canadica by the Weebs.  The whole post is a rip, roarin’ ride through the new nation state of Canadica.  If that doesn’t tempt you, go for the new national “seal” of Canadica.  That is worth the price of admission alone and since the admission is free, well, don’t be an a**hole.  Just visit it, right after you read the rest of this post.  (Still can’t find Canadica?  Just hit any Canadica in the above paragraph and ye shall arrive.  On a chariot…but, ye shall arrive.)



Today’s second diversion:





Just what in the hell is PODCOM, you ask?


PODCOM is my new LA show happening at the PODSHARE.  An innovate, pimped…

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