NaNoWriMo Project (untitled Raw romance)

Here’s today’s total 1,700 words. Here is what work:


The two kissed. She had her fingers tangled in his silvery-black hair. His left hand was under one of the straps of her red prom dress and pulling tenderly at her hair. His right hand was on her bum, pulling him tighter against his lower body. His erection pushed insistently at her aching center. He took his mouth from her bruised lips and nipped at her chin, causing her to groan. ‘I want him so badly,’ she thought. She dropped her hands down to his waist and pulled him tighter to her, making him moan. He shoved her against the wall and lifted her legs around his hips. While he ground at her, she slipped her hands under his shirt and raked her nails down his back. He responded by biting her neck, inflaming her more. He slid his hand under her skirt and caressed her silk covered mound, increasing the wetness he found there. Her mind blanked with the pleasure for several minutes. When she felt his finger slip behind her panties and sink into her, her eyes popped open. ‘Shit! What am I do… ohmigod, that feels amazing!’ Her eyes drooped as she got closer to the edge. ‘What is this incredible feeling? I feel like my bones are melting, but it’s sooo good!’
“Go for it,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear. His breath sent further shivers down her spine. She arched hard against his hand and waist. “I want to feel you come on my hand. You’re almost there.”
‘Omigod! Really?’ She was distracted by his words, but only for a moment. The sensations his fingers were eliciting were rapidly wiping her mind of her thoughts. He slid his thumb over her button and ever so lightly, pressed down. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she gripped his shoulders. Neither realized her nails were drawing beads of blood up. Her legs slipped from around his waist. Her blood raced through her veins like molten fire. She felt breathless and was hyperaware of everything. The rasp of his black silk jacket against his crimson silk shirt. The way his skin felt like velvet covering the rock of his muscled shoulders. The hard gasp of air from his mouth. The way his pupils had dilated his ice blue eyes nearly black. She moved her hands from underneath his shirt and cupped his face.
He leaned forward, and slanted his mouth over hers once more. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and began to caress her own. Their tongues fenced playfully, then he encouraged her to slid hers into his mouth. Shivers raced down his spine when her felt her tentative movements. He gently sucked on the tip of her tongue. He felt her hands tangle into hair and tighten. There was a sharp pain in his scalp that sharpened his pleasure. He reveled in the scents of honeysuckle in her hair, vanilla on her skin and her delectable musk. The feel of her silken wetness clamped around his finger and the gently rocking of her hips as she thrust against his hand. Her soft moans against his mouth were delightful. He felt powerful as she moved in time to the motions of his finger. He withdrew his hand from her.
“No,” she moaned.
He smiled and traced the outside of her sex. Her eyes came open and locked on his. He leaned forward, continuing to caress her flesh. “Have I told you how much I enjoy looking into your warm, milk chocolate eyes?” He whispered.
She shook her head. When his air cooled finger slid inside her again, she tightened around him, eyes going wide and darker, her breath caught in her chest. It was like all of her became aware of his digit moving in and out of her. Her muscles suddenly tensed as heat exploded from her middle, radiating outward. All of her nerve endings felt like they were on fire. The day became brighter, colors more vivid. The birds singing in the trees suddenly became loud enough to notice again. Her heart raced, pounding in her chest. Her breath rocketed out in a wail of sheer pleasure, as all her muscles suddenly went limp.
Her lover caught her and held her upright, a smile of triumph on his face. She giggled, feeling euphoric and light. She closed her eyes to savor this new sensation, unaware of the tears streaming down her cheeks, or the grin that creased her cheeks. Her chest rose and fell rapidly.
“Oh, my god,” she panted, shaking her head. “That was amazing, Chance.”
“Yes it was,” he whispered. “Guess what happens nex-”
His words were cut off by the sound of a heavy metal door banging off brick. Their eyes went wide as they looked at each other. Frantically, they straightened their clothes. He pulled his shirt together, running his fingers up the middle to shut it again. He re-buttoned his jacket and slid his fingers through his hair to straighten it. He glanced at her and saw she was struggling with her panties which had gotten twisted. His hand shot out and gripped the waistband of her underwear and gave a sharp tug. The cotton garment tore free and he stuffed it into his pants pocket. She looked at him in shock. He tossed her a quick grin, then smoothed down her red dress and combing his fingers through her cinnamon hair. She brushed his hands away and combed it out with a brush from her dropped purse.
“I’m certain I saw Kirstin and Chance sneak out here fifteen minutes ago,” said a female voice.
Chance recognized it as the voice of Kirstin’s best friend Meghan Linko. ‘The one to speak next will be the third in the trio, Nastiya Nolen the Snob.’
“Are you really sure?” a shrill voice said.
‘Bingo.’ Chance smiled and nodded at Kirstin. “You look put together, babe,” he whispered.
She flashed a smile at him, then turned towards the sounds of her friends. They came around the corner with their heads together chattering something so Chance & Kirstin could not hear. Meghan wore a lavender old-fashion-style hoop dress with a double row of pearls. Nastiya wore a long, deep sky blue dress which clung to her figure. It was hourglass shaped and had a long slit up to just beneath her hip. ‘I wonder if she’s wearing any panties,’ Chance thought. Semi-precious gems marched across her chest and joined a medium sized fire opal in the center. Both sported matching sliver clutches.
‘Here comes the lackey, Redigar,’ Chance thought, looking at the pale, blonde guy following the girls. He was dressed in an emerald tux, trimmed in black. His shoulder length hair was tucked behind his ears to show off his eagle-shaped earing. Chance felt Kirstin slip her hand into his and squeeze. He glanced down at her and smiled.
“Hey, what are you two doing out here? They’re about to announce the Prom King and Queen,” Meghan said.
“We were out here star gazing,” Chance said.
“How pedestrian,” Nastiya said with a sneer. She looked Kirstin over. Her friend’s electric crimson, A-line V-neck prom dress was more wrinkled than it had been thirty minutes ago, and her French Twist was now gone. Nastiya swung around to link arms with Meghan and Kirstin, and to get a better look at Kirstin’s face in the light of the outdoor lights. ‘Her lips are bruised and her cheeks are flushed. If I didn’t know her better, I’d swear she just had sex!’
Chance just glanced at her and snorted.
Meghan looked up at the twinkling stars and sighed. “That’s so romantic. I wish I had a man who’d think to do something like that with me.”
Kirstin gave Chance a guilty look. “Yeah. I’m really lucky to have someone like him.” ‘In more ways than one,’ she thought, reliving what just happened. Her insides gave a delicious flip. She squeezed his hand again. And started humming.
Redigar fell in behind them, still silent. As was his wont, his eyes soon dropped to Kirstin’s hips and watched them sway. After a few seconds, he noticed something was off. ‘Wait a minute. Her ass never moved this freely before!’ He glared at Chance’s broad back. ‘This bastard had sex with her. What the hell does she see in him? Why can’t she see he’s not good enough for her? I’d take better care of her than he could.’


Hamilton strode across the plaza towards the group that contained Chance Jamneiros. The big man moved with the effortless grace of a Siberian Tiger. ‘The boy looks like he just came from a party of some sort. Isn’t that nice.’ “Hey, Chance!” he called. “Wait a minute!”
Chance looked up, surprised. ‘What is Hamilton doing here?’ He broke into a wide smile and clasped forearms with the larger man, then pulled him into an embrace. After a few back slaps, Chance released the other man and turned to Kirstin and her friends. “This is my friend, Hamilton. He is the man who recruited me into Glacial Academy.”
Meghan looked the large man over. He was broad shouldered with flame colored hair and an easy smile. Stubble darkened his face. She unconsciously licked her lips, feeling heat rush through her body. She nearly moaned when he winked at her.
Nastiya scowled at Meghan and shifted her arms, pushing her breasts closer together. Her subtle ploy worked as Hamilton’s attention left Meghan’s lip licking and flicked down to her enhanced cleavage. He gave her a slow smile. ‘Shit. He’s hot,’ she thought. I’m wet just from him smiling at me!’
Redigar sneered, then shifted closer to Kirstin, bumping into Chance as he did so. “Watch what you’re doing, eh?”
Chance glanced down at him, distracted from his admiration of Hamilton’s flirtations. He quirked his right eyebrow, then looked back at the big guy. “What are you doing around here?”
“I came to find you. I wanted to know if you wanted to dimension walk with me to Earth.”
“Sure. That would be awesome. Which part would we be going to?”
“Baltimore City. In the United States.”
“That’s the home city of Sapphire and Bloodgate,” Redigar said, eagerly.