Contest Time

Yep, I’ve decided I’m gonna run a contest for my followers. Since I don’t have two pennies to rub together, atm, I’m going to give away an edit and critique of a 1,000 word work that you e-mail me. Here’s the way it works, leave me a comment below with a brief blurb about whatever you’re working on, and follow this blog. That’s it!

I will announce the winner on Sunday. Good luck, all.

One last thing: Liking the post doesn’t get you an entry. The blurbs do. I can’t select something if it’s not there for me to read.


8 thoughts on “Contest Time”

  1. Cool. Let me see…

    Title: The Timekeeper’s Journal

    Genre: Science Fantasy

    Blurb: The Timekeeper, Piper Toll, sets out to save the universe by mending the fissure in time and prevent history from going in reverse. Along with the help of his lovely partner, Selene Fenni, he runs into an adventure of love, big sword fights, epic carnage, a talking Journal, and the battle of his life against a fallen angel known as the beast.

    Good luck to the winner. 😀


  2. Yay! I would like to try 🙂

    Title: Cyrion

    Genre: MG/YA, Fantasy

    Blurb: Jon and Saul came home and found their parents kidnapped by goblins. With the help of Anya, a shifter (a cyrion) and her pack of wolves, they decided to mount a rescue. After a successful rescue, the trio found out that the boys’ parents were Watchers, an organization tasked with peace-keeping and hunting cyrions. With the connivance of Grampa Naeem and Greta, the trio set off on a quest to save Anya from Watcher persecution. Will they prevail against the might of the entire goblin army? Or will they have to choose to save their own lives, at the cost their friendship?


  3. Hello!

    Title: Lilith Ross (Working title)

    Genre: YA Fantasy

    Blurb: Weird stuff has been happening to Lilith Ross, with her nightmare, where she is being chased through town, and someone else, a man with a scar, grabbing her. She’s been having them for a week. And that thing that happened with her glass of water. And the water fountain at school practically exploding, the flow of water stopping only when she said “I just wish it would stop!”. All that, just on the first day of her sophomore year. Then on day two, she meets Luke Kenneth, the new kid, and after being shocked across the courtyard just by touching Luke, she wants answers. She pressures Luke to meet her after school, and Luke proves that that shock was not ordinary. He can control the element of Fire… and he thinks she controls Water. Unintentionally he proves his theory when water again acts crazy, and jumps onto her hand. She learns that she is an Elemental, and there are three others. Luke, with fire, his brother, Samir, with air, and Terra, the daughter of their homeroom teacher, with earth. Another cool fact; they can telepathically communicate. Terra supposedly does not know of her power, and that is what Luke moved there for… to find Terra and help her. They never knew about Lilith… On the third day of school, she practices the telepathy with Luke in homeroom and in science. They are assigned in a group of four (Luke, Lilith, a girl named Olivia, and a boy named Eddy), to study one of the four elements. Luckily for her, they are given water as a topic.
    Will all her questions be answered? How does her nightmare fit in? Or will the truth be too overwhelming?

    (I know, long. Its a synopsis more than a blurb. 🙂 )

    Good luck everyone!


  4. Fun!
    Genre: Upper MG Fantasy
    Blurb: Thirteen-year-old horse-crazy Brook Steward hides in her father’s laboratory and sees him disappear through a rock wall. She follows him to the parallel world of Tirasvara.

    Brook discovers her dad’s secret life guarding a cultural melting pot of inhabitants from a dangerous madman intent on stealing five Elemental Fire talismans. Together, the talismans can be used to rewrite the gateway rules. Each theft sends ripples of energy to other worlds resulting in catastrophic weather, including a freak blizzard that killed Brook’s mother.

    Brook must overcome her grief, join forces with the legendary Ghost Horse and harness the power of one of the talismans to foil the thief. If she fails, her pathway home will be destroyed, leaving her world to suffer the storm of the millennium.


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