Lists, Lists, Every-fecking-one Does Lists…

…so, I say, “Feck it. I will as well.” 😀

    My favorite blogs

Sweet Mother – This is one of the funniest blogs I subscribe to. When I jump aboard WordPress, Sweet Mother’s blog is one of my first stops. Without fail, she has me laugh, or raises my passions so I am ready to argue. Click the name of her blog to go check her out. You won’t regret it.

Dreamshadow59, – This is another funny blog I subscribe to. I usually jump on her blog every day. Her humor is different that Sweet Mother’s, a little darker, and usually drunker. 😉 Go check her out if you need your funny bone tickled. Click the name to go.

The Book Shelf Muse – Wow. Since I found this blog, my writing has improved dramatically. Their Setting thesaurus and Emotion Thesaurus are invaluable to me. I used to write stuff like, “The forest was big,” and “Joe smiled.” Now, I write stuff like, “The verdant evergreen forest stretched for miles. Pine fills your nostrils are dappled sunlight caresses your cheeks,” and “Joe’s face lit. His eyes crinkled at the corners as his lips arched. He leaned forward, joy radiating from him.” Then, I go polish it. If you want to make your writing better, but aren’t sure how, click the name to check out the blog of Ms. Angela Ackerman and Ms. Becca Puglisi.

The MP Website – This is the site of one of my new favorite writers. I’ve had the pleasure of critiquing her first novel, and I must say, it is shaping up to be epic. Click the name and you’ll see.

    My Favorite Books

H.E.R.O: Metamorphosis – This is the first novel about Supers from author Kevin Rau. Three friends are exposed to a gene “super virus” from a meteor shower that turns them to supers. Stephanie becomes a “Blaster” named Psystar, Rael becomes a “Mutant” named Black Tiger, and Lance becomes a “Brick” named Spartan. This novel explains how the Main Characters become Supers and what the kinds of Supers are. This is always free. Do yourself a favor and click the title to get it for your Kindle.

Black Beast: A Clan of MacAuley Novel and Lost – Two excellent novels by R.S.Guthrie. I reviewed them earlier in the fall. Click here to re-read them, then click the titles to go buy them. You’ll like them as much as I do.

HERO: New Markets – This is the kick ass sequel to Metamorphosis. In this one, Pystar, Black Tiger and Spartan have to deal with the abduction of new Supers. Some villain is selling them as mind-wiped slaves. A fun page turner. Go check it out by clicking the title.

The Emotion Thesaurus: I know, I mentioned it earlier, but I love this writing resource. It is set up so that you can jump to the emotion that you want to write about and see physical signals, internal sensations, mental responses and cues of long-term exposure to that feeling. There are also Writer’s Tips and links to further emotions. For example, fear may escalate to terror. Click the title to go buy it. By the way, I was referring to the digital version of the book. You could also buy the print version.

    Favorite Movies

The Avengers: This was a brilliant culmination of the individual member movies that lead to it. It felt like a superhero movie, something that we’ve not had from DC for a long time. The guys had their issues, but they didn’t whine about them. They settled their problems like comic book heroes should: They beat their differences away. 🙂 The action is epic, and the laughs genuine. Watch it if you haven’t yet.

The Dark Knight Rises – The first trilogy ender that didn’t feel like it crapped on the ones that came before it. The story was decent, if preachy, but it fit with what Chris Nolan already set up. I had a few issues with it, but they are personal gripes. I’m not reviewing the movie, just saying whether I liked it. I do. Go watch it if you haven’t yet.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Fun new take on Spider-Man, but come on! How many times do we have to see his origin story? At least they are sticking a little closer to the source material. Peter dates Gwen, builds his webshooters and sews his costume. Why doesn’t Hollywood want anyone to have a secret identity? That’s irritating.

Expendables 2 – A throw-back to 80’s action movies. It’s a lot of fun. There’s almost everything a guy movie is supposed to have: Explosions, guns, and death. However, it’s missing a few things: Blood, Boobs, and plot. I was disappointed that my favorite character got put on a bus in the first 30 minutes, but, it’s still fun. Go watch it if you haven’t.

    Favorite Timewasters

Facebook – Do I really need to say more? Whether it’s reading friend’s status’, or looking at pics on my favorite pages, one way or another, it’s sucked a lot of my time away. Click the name and send me a friend request. – I love how some of my favorite things are deconstructed on this site. It’s also given me ideas for my novel. It has also sucked up a lot of my time. Click the name and check them out.

Kindle App for PC – The novels are awesome, but the biggest way this thing sucked away my time was looking for more stuff to read. I have more books that I know what to do with.

Chatting with friends – This is by far my biggest time sink. I’ve chatted with my two friends for hours on end without getting any of my work done. Ostensibly, we gather to assist each other with our novels. This happens maybe 10% of the time. The rest of it? (shrugs)

Alright. Those are my lists. Click the links, meet new people and new entertainments. Me? I’m gonna go edit Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake. I have to get it done.


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  1. (channelling my Jewish MIL) Everyone writes a list, so you do one too? So if everyone jumps off the bridge, will you also jump off said bridge?
    Just joshin’ you, Mr. Foster. Lovely post, as always.


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