Into The Realm (raw post)

I’m not sure if this is going to be in The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book I, or in The Chronicles of Sera Blake, Book I, but regardless, it will be in one of them. Unless it’s not. (shrug) It’s told from Carter’s perspective.
Hope you like it.

We entered a serene glade deep within the forest. Our entry was completely unexpected as there had been no indication from the trees or underbrush that an opening was forthcoming. I looked around, and was captivated by the sight of a young woman swimming nude in a small lake in the center of the glade. She turned towards us when we entered the glade. Her beauty was captivating. She had long, copper colored hair, large black eyes, perfect skin and long, swept back ears. The young woman rose out of the water and fearlessly approached our band, most of who remained in the wood. Water dripped and flowed down her exquisite body. My breath caught in my throat when she locked her entrancing gaze on my own.
“Be careful, Carter,” Lady Orwen whispered. “She is a nymph.”
Her words barely registered. My gaze happened to follow a bead of water as it ran from the hollow of the nymph’s neck, between her full, up thrust breasts, down her abdomen to where it was caught in her navel. I swallowed hard, feeling as if I had been punched in the chest by Angriz. The nymph continued forward until she stood inches from me.
“Who are you, and why are you in my glade?” she asked in a soft, haunting voice.
“I-I,” I stammered.
Her perfectly formed eyebrows rose. “Yes?”
I felt as if my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. I tried swallowing a few times, but couldn’t get any saliva flowing. Lady Orwen came to my rescue.
“We were traveling through the forest and accidently came upon your glade.”
The nymph’s beautiful features warped instantly into a look of pure rage. She whipped her head around to glare fiercely at Lady Orwen.
“Silence, Warpriest!” she growled. Just as swiftly, she turned back to me, still pissed off. “Answer my question, now, Mortal!”
I felt Dearbhaile slip up and grasp my hand, reassuring me.
“My name is Carter Blake, nymph,” I said coldly. “We travel through your glade on our way to battle Drago the Clanless.”
In a flash, the rage was gone from her face, leaving serenity. “Thank you. Now, tell me, why should I allow you passage?”
I bared my teeth at her as I’d seen Angriz do with others. She gazed back at me blandly. I guess with normal teeth like mine, it didn’t have the same effect as Angriz’ fang filled maw would have. I rapidly ran through all that I had ever read about nymphs in my head.
“By all the hells,” I said. “We go to battle a warlord who has orcs and undead in his thrall!”
For an instant, I saw the rage flash across her face before it went calm again.
“Very good, Carter Blake. You have at least heard of nymphs and our enmity for despoilers of nature and unnatural things. I seek more than words.”
Dearbhaile spoke up, “What aboot th’ word o’ Renline? Would that suffice?”
“I’m sorry, Rishka,” the nymph said. “It would not. I need proof from the human.”
“Human?!” Lady Orwen exclaimed. “Do you not know who this is?”