Robilar’s Data Sheet

Name: Robilar, alias “Robert Worthington”
Age: appears 32, is actually much older
Birthday: declares it to be August 16. Unknown, as he’s not from our world.
Physical Description: 5’11”, 200 lbs, muscular, sable hair, coffee-colored eyes, a thin, white scar runs from just beneath his hair, down over his right eye to his cheek bone
Personality Description: easy-going & fun loving outside of battle, in battle the fucker is batshit insane (like Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach)
Hometown: Baltimore, Md. (declared), Rivorei City, The Realm
Type of Neighborhood/Description of Home: a small 2 story number on Dover St.
Father’s Name: Lance Worthington III (not real)
Father’s Background and Occupation: working class/ BCFD (deceased)
Mother’s Name: Valerie Worthington (not real)
Mother’s Background and Occupation: middle class/ BPD (deceased)
Friends: Carter Blake, Jennifer Steel, Danijela Amarovic, Drake Lunasta
Enemies: Lilith, Lucas Rumpff, Death, himself
Influential Person or Event: Jennifer wishing she had never met him. This made him change the way he approached events, especially where she is concerned.
Favorite Foods: pepperoni pineapple pizza with either beer (relaxing), or Dr. Pepper (working)
Hobbies: Sleeping, painting, writing, reading
Dress Style: Black jeans and t-shirt
Religion: None. He knows gods are real (his friend polices them), he merely chooses not to worship any.
Attitude Toward Religion: Ignores it.
Leader or Follower: Both. He leads the less experienced, tends to follow the Walker of Worlds
Ambitions: To keep his world safe, to keep Jennifer Steel safe, and to ensure his line continues
Strongest Positive Personality Trait: Loyal
Strongest Negative Personality Trait: Some say he’s overly playful
Temperament: Usually laid back. When driven to battle, if personal, he’s a blood knight.
Consideration for Others: Yes, especially those he cares about.
How Other People See Him/Her: Implacable Man, great friend, kind of goofy, loyal
Opinion of Self: Determinator

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