An Excerpt From Jennifer Steel, Agent of the F.S.I.A. (raw)

—-> Rob strode down the green carpeted hallway, trying to figure out why the hell Jennifer wasn’t responding to her cell. He knew she’d returned because (ops co-ordinator’s name goes here) had filled him in as per protocol. ‘What the fuck did Mary do to her?’
—-> The founder of the F.S.I.A. was doomed to not learn the reason. He took another step forward, then an explosion rocked him. As he pulled a one-handed back handspring, drawing his gun from the back holster, he glimpsed a silvery blur rolling through the gaping new hole in the wall. Rob Went to his right knee and emptied his clip at the newcomer. As he dropped his clip and tossed in another, the silvery being deflected every round with an ebony blade. There was only one being he knew of that could do a trick like that.
—-> “Robilar, hold!” The thundering voice was familiar.
—-> The fog of combat lifted, and he saw it was the Walker of Worlds. “Carter! What the fuck?” He rose to his feet and hurried to his friend. “You’ve never ripped through the universes like that. What’s going on?” He held his hand out.
—-> The larger man took the offered hand and rose painfully to his feet. Rob’s eyes widened to see a flow of crimson oozing down Carter’s side.
—-> “Nicodemus has fallen, Robilar. Lucas has the Fist, the Lamp, and the Eye.”
—-> The Fist of Ra was capable of summoning gods. The Lamp of Allah-ad-din granted wishes at the cost of the user’s life, and the Eye of Odin, well, that one he didn’t know anything about, but it couldn’t be good.
—-> Robilar swallowed hard. “S-shit. Wha-What are we gonna do?”
—-> The Walker cocked his head to the right. His friend standing stiffly, and turned away. “What do you think we’re going to do? We’re going to stop him. I need your help. Snap out of it!” He slapped the Chronomancer across the face.
—-> Rob’s eyes blazed, then his jaw went hard, and he gave his oldest friend a curt nod. “Yes. We will.” He resumed striding down the hall. “Come with me. I need my sword. Speaking of, where did you get the black one?”
—-> Carter sheathed his longsword. “I liberated it from Lucas. He called it, ‘Ferrum Letale Internecinum’.
—-> “Iron Sword of Deadly Extermination? Redundant much?”
—-> The larger man grinned. “I don’t know where he got it, but it can cut through my armor with ease.” He gestured to his wound. “Not even Belial’s sword could do that.”
—-> Rob smiled. “Remember how we freaked Dearbhaile out with our stunt?”
—-> Carter stumbled to a halt. ‘Shit. How do I tell him? She was his big sister.’

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  1. “She was his big sister”? You’re leaving it at that? You will continue, yes? And not simply leave me hanging? Please?


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