3 Friends pt 1

Scene: A library in a house. Books line ceiling-to-floor shelves. A dead fireplace is on the north wall. Three recliners sit around an oak coffee table. Wine glasses are near all of them. An empty wine bottle lies on its side on the table next to a bowl of cheese curls. Another is half empty near a bowl of peanuts. A stack of napkins is between the bowls. Three women come in, giggling, and sit in the chairs. Two pick up glasses while the third scoops a handful of nuts out of the bowl. One of the two with the glasses picks up the bottle and tops both off.

Danielle: How fun is it that we all are dating again?

Jean (with mouth full): Ish womerful.

Elise: Ewww, Jeannie! Swallow before you try to talk!

Danielle: That’s what he said!

Elise and Jean laugh, causing Jean to spray a bit of chewed peanuts on the table. She covers her mouth and turns red. Danielle takes a drink of wine.

Elise: Well, now we know she spits.

Danielle spits wine, coughs.

Elise: You, too, Danni? Jeeze. Am I the only lady here?

Jean (grins): You’re no lady, Elise. She cleans up her mess with a napkin. Remember the Spring Formal Beach Bash?

Danielle: Yeah. With Ricky Bobby?

Elise: Oy vey. Will you two eva stop kvetching about that? Just because your boyfriends got too drunk to perform…

All three giggle loudly.

Jean: So tell us about your new guy, Elise.

Elise: Mmm. Where do I start?

Danielle: With the beginning, of course! What does he look like?

Elise (bites her lip): He’s six-three, and works out. He has shoulder length blonde hair, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. He has the most arresting grey eyes I’ve ever seen, luscious lips, and big hands. When he holds me, I feel so tiny and delicate.

Danielle: Wow. Sounds sexy.

Elise: And he’s so masterful. After our first date, he told me he was going to fuck my brains out. I nearly came on the spot.

Jean & Danielle: Mmm. Wow.

Jean: Then what happened?

Elise: We went back to his place. As we rode the elevator to his penthouse, he was all over me, kissing me like he couldn’t get enough, and shoving his hands up my skirt. When he encountered my panties, he ripped them right off. I did come then.

Danielle: Let me guess: You jumped him on the elevator.

Elise (giggles): You’re damned right I did.

Danielle (laughs) I knew it! Then what?

Elise: He led me down the hall. I was trying to straighten my skirt when he unlocked the door, scooped me in his arms, carried me in and kicked the door shut behind us. He carried me through to his bedroom, tossed me on the bed and ripped my dress off.

Jean and Danielle gasp.

Elise (smiling broadly): Oh, I was just as rough with his clothes. He then proceeded to do as he promised. I went to sleep smiling for the first time in a very long time. When I woke up, there was a note on the pillow saying he was looking forward to seeing me for dinner, and I could call for someone to buy me another dress. I stretched, and my legs were sore. How about you, Danni?

To be continued


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