3 Friends pt 2

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Danielle: What about me?

Jean: Tell us about your new man.

Danielle: Woman.

Jean: (surprised) Ye- wait, what?

Danielle: (shrugs) I’m bisexual.

Elise: (smiles) More options, right, Jeannie?

Jean: (laughs) Yes, indeed. So, will you tell us about her?

Danielle: (softly) You don’t hate me?

Elise: Why the hell would we hate you, silly?

Danielle: Because I’m attracted to women.

Jean: News flash, Danni: Elise and I were college lovers.

Elise: Yeah. Only thing you have to worry about is if my little brother finds out.

Danielle: (puzzled) Why is that?

Elise: The worm already has a crush on you. If he learns you are attracted to women too, he’d probably be asking you to marry him. (laughs)

Danielle: I’m not promiscuous. Nor am I into three ways.

Jean: Hey, no knocking the three-way. They are awesome. Drains her glass And no one said anything about you being promiscuous. Elise just said her brother might want to marry you. Anyway, you’re dodging the question. Don’t you want to tell us about your new lover?

Danielle: Not particularly.

Elise: Awww.

Jean: Fair enough. I guess it falls to me to keep the convo going. Matt is simply the greatest lover I’ve never had full sex with.

Danielle gets up and gets another bottle of wine. Elise gets a handful of cheese curls and offers the rest to Jean. Jean shakes her head.

Elise: What does that mean?

Jean: (deep breath) It means we’ve not had actual sex. You know, his dick in me?

Danielle: Why the hell not?

Jean: He says that anticipation makes it so much better.

Elise: It does.

Danielle: (nods) Yes, indeed. How has he built the anticipation?

Jean: Well, he teases me.

Elise: (loudly) Details, wench!

Jean: (laughs) Well- A text comes through her cell. She looks at it. Take this for example: He just sent me a text saying, “Imagine me trailing feathery kisses over your belly and down to your waist.” I read that, and felt myself get a little moist.

Danielle: Really? What else?

Jean: He sent me an e-mail this morning describing how he’d slowly peel my clothes off, kissing every part of me that is revealed. When I was nude, he’d trail his fingertips down my body, then kiss his way back up. Finishes her wine, and refills her glass. Her hands are unsteady. He knows I have a vampire kink, and in that e-mail said that he’d also bite my neck like he needed my blood.

Danielle: (Hand to her throat) Oh my.

Elise: (shifts in her seat) That’s hot.

Jean: It continues. He said that he wants me to imagine him tracing the outline of my sex through my panties. And then, he will slide his finger up, over me, and then slip it into my underwear.

Elise: Are you willing to loan him out on occasion, Jeannie?

Jean: (laughs) What about your “masterful” guy?

Elise: (grins) He’s great for hard & fast, but sometimes, slow and tender is the way to go.

Danielle: True. That’s why I started dating Emma.

To be continued…


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