3 Friends pt 3

continued from here

Jean (leans forward): Tell us more?

Elise: Yes, please?

Danielle: You guys remember how Jason broke my heart?

Elise: (rolls her eyes) Oh my god, yes! I thought you’d never shut up about him.

Jean: Elise! Swats her shoulder. Tact! it is our friend.

Danielle: She’s right, Jeanie.

Elise: See? (disbelieving) Wait, what?

Danielle (chuckles): Yeah, I was too hung up on the guy that took my virginity. Or, rather, that I gave it to.

Jean: Don’t let Elise fool you. She and I went through the same thing.

Elise (impatient): Yeah, yeah, old news. Tell us about Emma. Where’d y’all meet?

Danielle: We met in Tampa last month when I was down there for work. After a stressful round of meetings, I decided to hit a club. I was also hoping for a one-nighter to see if that would push Jason out of my mind. None of the guys that night caught my interest. Just as I was about to give up, she walked in. Her flame red hair caught my attention from the moment she entered the place.

Elise (impatient): Tell us: How is she as a lover?

Danielle (laughs): She’s between your guys, ladies. Our first two times together, it was slow, and tender. Our third, was wild and intense.

Jean: More details, please?

Danielle: No. I’d rather not.

Elise: Why not?

Danielle I’m shy. And it’s private.

Jean: Fair enough.

Elise (incredulous) What? How is that, Jeannie? She got to hear our tales, but we don’t get to hear hers?

Jean: That’s right. We respect each other’s choices, remember?

Elise (sighs): Yes. I’m sorry, Danni.

Danielle: It’s okay. Do you want to hear about our first date?

Jean & Elise: Yes!

Danielle: It was fun, and romantic. She handed me a present and said that it was for our date. It was too soft for jewelry, and too small for an outfit. I tore open the paper to discover a bag of balloons. Emma then told me I had five minutes to “ammo up”. We had ourselves a fun little water balloon fight. It’s a lot of hard work picking up the remnants of a thousand balloons.

Elise and Jean laugh and share a glance, causing them to laugh harder.

Danielle: We then went to De Grassi’s for a candlelight dinner. Between the appetizer, and entrée, she paid the pianist to play Clair de lune, then she pulled me to my feet for a dance. After dinner, we walked through the surf in the moonlight. (smiles)

Elise: Awwww. That’s so awesome.

Jean: I’m envious.

Danielle: Your turn, Elise. Tell us about your first date.