Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Cater Blake, Book 1 (raw update)

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my upcoming first novel. So, here is an excerpt:

I ran from the room, debris falling from the ceiling as another resounding boom shook the fortress. I encountered Lady Orwen running towards me. I shook my head before she could ask me any questions. She skidded to a stop and hurried after me. I felt her warm hand take my icy one. The images I’d seen flickered past my mind’s eye as the two of us raced to catch up with Durrgedenn and Weijia.

I saw the two straining to open the heavy door, and decided not to slow. Adora’s feet in perfect time with me, as she too, must have decided not to slow. Durrgedenn glanced over his shoulder in time to see first me, and then the Princess slam into the heavy portal. The sudden impact knocked the air from my chest, but I continued to push at the door, and soon we made it out. The stone slab closed behind us with an echoing thud.

The four of us pounded down the dirt tunnel, swinging through twists and turns until we at last drew to a halt at the bottom of the ladder which lead to the surface. We leaned over to catch our breath. Durrgedenn slumped against the bottommost rung of the ladder, his face streaked with tear tracks. His beard, was missed swatches. Trickles of blood oozed from the raw places where he’d torn his facial hair out. Lady Orwen slide down the wall to sit with her head resting on her knees. Weijia was bent at the waist, her hands on her mid-thighs. I squatted, my hands resting on top of my head. Sweat rolled down my cheeks as I tried to slow my breathing.

A few minutes later, I rose, and beckoned for the others to come upright as well. “We can’t rest for long. We need to find some allies, and avenge our fallen.”

“Avenge? Have you become a Dwarf, then?”

“No, Your Highness. I’ve always been a believer in vengeance. I never had cause for it before.”

Lady Orwen’s cute nose wrinkled. “Always?”

I nodded. “Indeed. I think it stems from my childhood.”

“Would you speak more of this?” She leaned forward.

“Perhaps later, Milady. As I said earlier, we can’t stop for long.” I glanced to Durrgedenn. “You should take the lead. You’re stronger than me, so you’ll be able to better aid the ladies.”

Weijia cleared her throat. “Are you forgetting that I am half dragon, Carter? I think I’m stronger than the Dwarf.”

Durrgedenn straightened, ready to object.

“Ordinarily, I might agree with you, Weijia. However, he has not been physically tortured for the last few months. I don’t want to risk your safety, nor that of anyone else if you’re not fully healed. Alright?”

“Yes.” Her voice was subdued.

“I don’t think less of you for what you went through.” I tapped my collar. “I went through the same thing.”

Lady Orwen came over and examined it. “Carter, what is this?”

“It’s a shock collar. It was placed on me by L’Arc demons. It was used to control and punish me.”

“Why isn’t it being used now?”

“I don’t know. It worries me. Belial is up to something, but I don’t know what.”

“He’s probably tracking you,” Durrgedenn growled.

“That’s comforting.”

He snorted laughter at my words, turned, and scrambled up the ladder.



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