I’ve decided to give you something.

Something wonderful, and something fun. At least, I hope so. I’m going to post my first novel on this blog starting Friday with Chapter 1, subchapter one. Everyday, I’m going to add another subchapter until the entire incomplete story is up. Why, you ask? *shrug* Seems like a fun thing to do, eh? Now, the reason why I say it is incomplete is because it hasn’t been professionally edited. Other than that, though…

I hope you enjoy Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book I. Here’s a preview, starting with the prologue.


Into the Realm:

The Chronicles of Carter Blake,

Book 1



This is dedicated to

Valerie Cline

Thanks for all your help, Chan.


Jennifer Boyce

It wouldn’t be done without you, my friend.




I squinted across the dusty bowl of the coliseum where I found myself. A huge, ripped bald man with fur briefs and a leather breast-plate careened towards me. The scorching sun sucked rivers of sweat from his bulging biceps. Screaming a horrendous battle cry, he swung a serrated claymore at my head. I ducked, feeling the breeze of the blade swooping by, as the crowd in the stands roared its approval.
Whoa! Why the hell does he have a serrated claymore?!” It sounded a bit like a girl-scream even to me. Did I mention he swung a real big sword?