Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book 1 (C3,S1)

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Chapter 3

Subchapter 1

I sat up, feeling stiff. I had no idea what happened. Then I remembered: the battle with the Crimson walker! I tried to open my eyes. Nothing changed. Heart beating faster, I attempted to peel them apart. ‘Are the lids covered by mucus?’ Horrified, I found they were not. I was blind. I knelt and rose. I took a single step, and fell to the hard stone floor. Dazed, I cried out in pain and shock, bringing running feet. Strong, soft hands lifted me up off the ground and back into the bed.
“Try to be more careful, Master Blake,” a deep, masculine voice said.
I sat up and demanded, “Who are you?”
“Healer Tonlin. I have only arrived today from out in the farm lands. A mysterious illness is blazing though those in the outlying farmsteads.”
I frowned, having forgotten my distress for a moment due to this intriguing puzzle, “What are the symptoms?”
“Abdominal pain, cramps, and frequent passage of watery diarrhea containing blood and mucus.”
Surprised, I said, “That sounds like dysentery, a disease which also exists on my world.”
“Can you name any cures?” Hope filled his voice.
“No. However, I am aware of a treatment.” I shifted on the bed. “Make sure your patients drink a lot of clean water, mixed with small amounts of sugar and salt, and eat rice and dry bread. The mixture is to replace what they lose. The grain will help clear things up, and the provender enables them to rebuild their strength.”
A long pause. I could almost hear Tonlin thinking whether to trust me. “Those are new to me. I’m willing to try anything that aids my patients.”
I nodded and leaned back against the headboard. I closed my useless orbs. After several moments, he rose and prepared to leave. “Healer. Would you tell me what might be wrong with my eyes?”
I waited.
“They are gone.”
‘Well… fuck.’

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