Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake, Book I (C3, S3)

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Subchapter 3

Two weeks had passed before I received any news about the princess. She had been abducted.

I was startled to discover how much people rely on sight to act. We look at so many things in our lives, and yet, we don’t observe them. I’d come to realize what we didn’t see tripped us up, in the literal sense, as well as the figurative one. Hell, before I lost my eyes, I traveled everywhere without even thinking. Now, I discovered myself always considering each step: the end of the bed I used sat sixteen and a half steps from the doorway, the armoire thirty-three paces. To arrive from the bedstead, I only had to travel nineteen. The first time I tried to find the desk, I’d banged my knee on the seat of its chair which was the same distance. The fireplace and chairs, I found with ease: I hit the mantle above the hearth chest first. I wound up stumbling back into one of the two seats. They were fifty-one steps from the four-poster. I did not know the precise place of the bookcase. To tell the truth, I could go without knowing. I wasn’t about to walk into the bloody thing, nor would I be reading anytime soon. I still decided to find the shelf. The location was an unknown. I don’t care for unknowns.

A throat cleared behind me. I turned to face the sound, empty eye sockets covered by a thin strip of cloth. I didn’t want to make anyone sick. “Yes?”

“My friend,” Mordecai began. “I am so sorry for—”

“Enough! Where have you been?” I felt feverish, breathing short and shallow, skin tingled as sweat formed, then rolled. ‘Calm down,’ I ordered myself. That ever work for you? Me either.

“Attempting to find some trace of Lady Orwen.” He exhaled. “I have not been successful.”

I grunted. “Alright. How do I get my eyes back? Is that possible?”

He sighed again. “I’m afraid I don’t possess the knowledge.”

“What the hell, Mordecai?!” Arms crossed, I scowled in his general direction.

“I’m sor—”, he began.

“How can you not?” I interrupted through gritted teeth.

“I’m not all-know—” he said.

“Aren’t you a wizard?” I continued to interrupt, muscles jumping and tingling.

“My friend—” he tried again.

“Don’t even start, you fraud! You rip me from my home, asking for my help, I might add. I’m attacked by some monster and get blinded!” I ripped away the cloth, revealing empty eye sockets. “You tell me that you don’t know if I’ll ever see again!” I shouted, jamming my finger in his general direction, feet planted wide. My pulse roared. I wanted to punch the most powerful wizard in the Realm. “How dare you call me your friend?”

He growled as I fell silent. He took a deep breath.

“Are you finished?” His voice was soft.

Anger still boiled, but the rumble spooked me enough I decided to bite my tongue. “For now.”

He waited for a bit. “I tried to help you,” he said. I gave a snort of derision. “I have. Disbelieve all you must, but that is a fact. I made an unsettling discovery.”

That piqued my interest enough to ask. “What?”

His robes rustled as he crossed the room. Mordecai pushed me back on the bed, and sat next to me. The bedstead sank deep beneath his weight. He gripped my shoulders. I guessed he was looking into my eyes, or at least, where they used to be.

“My friend, you are immune to the magic of this world.”

I sat in stunned silence. I was blind forever.