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What the hell goes on in their minds? I’ve had two women now, that I was interested in, say to me (without using these exact words) that I wasn’t good enough for them because I don’t have a standard J-O-B at the moment. Fine. I can deal with that. But the crazy part is, they have both said that maybe when I get a job, we could get together. What the Hell?

Ladies, listen up: If I’m not good enough for you when I have nothing, you’re not good enough for me when I do.

Another thing I don’t understand: One of the two women I mentioned above thought I had lied to her and asked me about it. I came clean. It was a small lie: I’d said that a female from my first relationship took a couple of days to go to bed with me when, in reality, she went to bed with me the same day I ment her. No, I’m not saying I’m a PUA, this broad was nuts (I’m not going into it here). She was a flippin’ piranha and I was her next meal (not in the good way). Anyway, new girl, said she forgave me and was willing to let it go. Guess what didn’t happen? That’s right, she did not. Why would she say it was forgotten if it wasn’t? That’s really irritating, especially as she’d beat me with it every time she got pissed off.

So, in addition to me not having a job, I get labeled a BS artist and that’s another reason she’d never be with me. I inwardly shrugged and said, “Your loss.”

I think I’m a decent guy. I try to be anyway. Oh well. Maybe the next woman will be less crazy. 🙂

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