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It’s Finally Available

My novel, Into the Realm: The Chronicles of Carter Blake is now live on Amazon. For now, it’s only available as an e-book. As soon as I get enough money to get the cover expanded, I’ll be offering print versions, too. Here is where you can order it. When my next post goes live, you’ll be able to order it from one of my side bars. šŸ˜€ I hope you guys like it.



First Time Blog Hosting

atkinsons admin largeToday is my first time as part of a blog host for Faebooks. The owner is doing a favor for a friend of hers in asking some fellow bloggers to mention his book. It’s free for the next few days on Amazon US & UK. I’ll get myself a copy and give it a read. Maybe you guys will too. The links are after the blurbs.

Book Info:
Title: Atkinson’s Administration (Book 1 in series)
Author:Ā John Paul BernetĀ (aka JP Bernett)
Page count: 214
Published: March 7th 2012
The reaper has walked among us ever since time began. Our meaning ofĀ  time is different; three score years and ten give or take the over orĀ  under run of sand in the reapers time piece. That is what the ancientĀ  philosophers would have us believe.
But now the bells are chiming usĀ  into the 21st century and there is a problem. The real reaper system has had a spanner thrown into its works; the repercussions of this couldĀ  and will end the world as we know it. Can mortals battle with ancientĀ  Gods or is this the apocalypse that revelations predicted.

ā€œHaveĀ  you ever wondered what that feeling is when you are falling in yourĀ  sleep and you wake just before you hit the ground? Well, that is meĀ  twanging the cord that one day I will cut in my realm and you will dieĀ  in yoursā€.

Author Link:
Fae Books