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My Treasure

As you may know, or remember, I am in love with a wonderful woman. The woman of my dreams, to be exact. So, I thought I’d tell you a little more about her, and how much she means to me. Since she’s a subscriber to my blog, I’ll be telling her, too. Before you ask, yes, I do tell her this stuff directly. I figure, every so often, a lady likes to learn how you feel indirectly, too.

My lady is intelligent. Yeah, I know: Every guy says this about his love (not true, but I get your gist). However, my lady has the college degree to prove it. Plus, she’s an author. Her début novel is still a few years away because she’s going traditional, and those feckers take forever to publish anything.

She has an awesome sense of humor. Again, I know: It’s almost a cliché. What I mean is that her humor is a lot like mine: She’ll laugh at something most folks like is horrible, like, “A baby seal walks into a club,” and yet, she’ll even giggle at the old Mark Twain classic, “Suppose you were a politician, or suppose you were an idiot. But I repeat myself.”

Yet, least you think I’m besotted, we don’t always see eye-to-eye. We recently had a disagreement, and she accused me of never giving her any credit. Like me, she has her flaws, but what makes her so wonderful to me is that in instances like this one, after we cool off, she’s willing to work things out. We end up stronger than before.

For me, Rishka is perfect. We complement each other so well, it’s like we’re literally two halves of the same whole. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone. Having her love makes things like this, and the part mentioned in the beginning of this post worth having gone through. Why? Because what I went through lead me to my Rishka. I’d not trade that for anything.

By the way, wondering what Rishka means? The answer is either here or over here. Sorry I don’t remember which.


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A Sit Down With Keeper Dearbhaile

I’m sitting on the second floor of the coffee shop/internet café, Peace & A Cup of Joe (713 W. Pratt St. here in Baltimore City, MD), when a sudden movement catches my attention. I look up, and my breath catches. A gorgeous woman approaches. Her face is ageless, neither old nor young, though in it is written the memory of many things both glad and sorrowful. Her hair, at first seeming sable, is revealed to be auburn as a maple leaf in the fall in direct light; her eyes are emerald and in them a light like that of the stars. Thought and knowledge are in her glance which seems to pierce me to my innermost secrets. The lady’s grace is such that she seems to glide across the floor. Her bearing causes me to rise when she approaches. “Carter says ye wished to speak tae me?” she says. Her mellifluous voice has a Scottish, or Irish, burr to it.

I nearly swallow my tongue. “Yes’m. I would like to ask you a few questions, if that is okay.”

“Aye. Ye may.” She has a small smile on her rosy lips.

I offer her a seat, and take my own once more. I take up my pen and notebook so I can jot notes. I look into her emerald eyes and can see why the Walker of Worlds had fallen in love with her.

R.w: Let’s start with the pronunciation of your name, if that’s alright.

KD: Aye. It’s pronounced Der-va-la Ga-lon-ah-dree-el.

R.w: Dearbhaile Galonadriel. A lovely name.

(A small smile.) KD: Thank ye.

R.w: You’re welcome. You don’t look like other women I’ve seen before. There is an otherworldly air about you, as if you’ve seen everything before, yet you look to be no more than 24. How is this?

KD: Yer a smooth taker, sir. (she chuckles) I be a half-Elven. I’ve seen my third century already.

R.w: Wow. Carter calls you “Keeper Dearbhaile”. Is that a title? (She nods) What is a “Keeper”?

KD: A Keeper be one who learns magic from a Vaush-tauric. They be apprenticed for two centuries, then they return to their clan. Eventually, they lead their clan.

R.w: A Vawsh-taw-ric?

KD: Vaush-tauric, yes. They are Dragon Speakers, a direct conduit to the draconic gods. They be vera powerful magic users.

R.w: And you are a student of one?

KD: I was. I’m now th’ Walker’s companion.

R.w: Your eyes shine when you speak of him. Would you share more?

(She turns pink, and bites her lip) KD: I love him. He makes me feel alive, as if I can do anythin’ in th’ world.

(I grin. I can hear the regard she holds for the Walker of Worlds in her voice.)

R.w: When I last spoke with Carter (look), he mentioned something about a Sourcewell. What is that?

(She sobers)

KD: That be where th’ gods be from. It be th’ beginning of ever’thin’.

(I choose to say nothing of how her brogue has thickened. I hope I haven’t upset her too much.)

R.w: That seems to be a touchy subject.

KD: Aye.

R.w: Would you tell us why?

KD: A vile man be tryi’ tae get thair. If ye will excuse me.

Before I can say anything, she vanishes in a flash of silver light. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m intrigued. I’m thinking of trying to interview Belial, or Drago the Clanless next. Who would you like to hear from? Let me know below.