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Interview with Teagan, Pt II

Yesterday, I posted the first part of an interview I had with the intriguing Teagan, who happens to be a vampire. We’re sitting in a pub in London, England. Why London, and not Devonshire, Liverpool, or even Birmingham, you ask? Simple. It’s close to Heathrow. If you didn’t click to read, I learned how she’d been turned, but not why; that vampires have laws with pretty harsh punishments, her maker was a slacker, and she had a secret lover. Here’s the rest of our little chat.


RwF: He’s the only one that can reproduce? Why are the others sterile?

I slide her an extra bloody Mary drink.
How did you nearly get him killed by the Assembly? Did you mind control him into attacking them?
Teagan: Thanks, love, but I drink only red wine…I stay away from hard liquor, it fucks my head up.
He’s the only one that can produce others of their kind, yes. I nearly got him killed because The Assembly wanted to execute him for his crimes as well. All of the non-humans have the ‘non-disclosure‘ rule by all accounts.
RwF: That’s harsh. Does that rule apply to non-humans from other worlds?

How can he reproduce? Is it the normal way (sexually, or asexually), or is it via supernatural means, like the way vampires are made?
I lift my pint of cider to my lips and sip. Due to rumors, I was expecting it to be harsh, but it actually tasted like very ripe apples. The burn didn’t come until I set the tankard down.
T: I don’t know if there is anything other than them, I stumbled upon Marc by accident. Well I smelt him, his scent was amazing.
She rolls her eyes, and hunches her shoulders with the pleasurable memory.
He has to have sex with a woman, another one of his kind. Only the first-born sons and daughters from each family can re-produce…and only if they mate together.
RwF: Only the first-borns can reproduce? Wow. There must be millions of them. What do they eat?
T: My man….if I can call him that…likes, er, pasta? He’s Italian.
RwF: Likes pasta? Why am I finding that hard to believe? Okay. I’ll leave that alone.

What does he look like?
T: He really does like pasta. He was cooking it once when I was at his house. What does he look like?
A smile crosses her features. It makes her face light up, and takes ten years off. She must have been really stressed.
He looks like a dream. He’s 6’3 with thick, dark brown hair, and delicious muscles. His eyes seem to change colour from golden brown to liquid gold. It’s easy to lose yourself in them. His good looks weren’t what I first noticed, but his scent. I’d never smelled anything so intoxicating. Like lilies, sweet freshly cut grass and baking bread all combined. smelling him was like walking in the sunshine to me. Sorry, I’m going on.
I grin. The love is evident in her shining eyes and the way she rubs her arms, as if she were caressing him.
RwF: You’re in love. Has that happened to you before?
T: I’ve never been romantically in love before. Ever.
That’s curious. In 150 years, she’s never fallen in love? I wonder why.
RwF: Ah. Will you turn him?
T: Hhhmmm, good question. I don’t know if I can or not? He doesn’t forget when I bite him like humans do, so I don’t think that my venom works the same way.
RwF: And on that note, I thank you for your time, Miss Teagan. It’s been a delight.
I watch as the lady sashays out of the pub and sip my drink in contemplative silence for a few minutes. I signal for another, and when it is brought, a shadowy figure comes over.
Are you satisfied, Thomas?
Thomas: I am. Here’s your payment. Keep in touch.
I count the money. When I look up again, he is gone.