The Truth About President Trump’s So-called “Muslim Ban.”

Regarding the so-called, “Muslim ban:” The seven countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Let’s look at a couple of those counties’ demographics, eh?

Iraq (who we’re still fighting) has Muslims & Christians. Guess what? Those Christians are banned too. For all of 90 days.

Iran has Muslims, Christians,  Jews, Zoroastrians, Mandaeans, and Yarsan. These guys are also banned for 90 days.

Libya has Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, and Hindus. All of which are banned.

Hmm. Seems like it’s actually a national ban, not a religious ban, huh? Well, if you’re not convinced, let’s look at this graphic:

Muslim Population as of 2014
Muslim Population as of 2014

That looks like a hell of a lot more than seven nations. Weird, huh? So, if only seven nations are banned, doesn’t that mean President Trump’s ban is not a Muslim ban?

Not only that, but it’s based in large part on Obama’s previous stances. Don’t believe me? Read some yourself. Oh, and here’s an image of one of their press releases with the names of countries where travel to and from is limited and/or restricted:

Look Familiar?

Those country names look familiar? Not only did I make sure to leave the web address up for you to check for yourself, but if you click the image, it’ll take you right there, too. I don’t mind sourcing my claims.

What about Saudi Arabia? Well, ignoring the irony of folks saying banning travel from the above countries are a bad move, so why isn’t this country banned, too, let’s take a look at why it isn’t banned, shall we? I think it might have something to do with this little thing here.

Why isn’t Pakistan on the list? That’s an excellent question. I think it should be on the list just for harboring Bin Laden. Alas, I am not President. We’ll have to wait and see.

Now, I have a question for you, dear reader: If you’re so worried about the “helpless” Muslims that President Trump has barred from entering the U.S., where was this concern when President Obama, was dropping bombs on them by the thousands during the majority of his presidency?

7 thoughts on “The Truth About President Trump’s So-called “Muslim Ban.””

  1. Mostly your post was clear as a Swedish lake but then – what happened? Did you write it to start a civil war? Well, I’m not American, but those seven countries have something in common – they actually have helpless Muslims. Because most people there are Muslims and those are the countries that are subject to extremism.


    1. Yet, everyone who claims the West should take them in is utterly silent on the fact that they’re sounded by rich, Muslim, countries that are NOT taking them in. Saudi Arabia has an empty tent city that could house 3 million refugees in air conditioned comfort, yet, everyone is silent about that.


      1. Why does the Saudis get away with everything? It must have something to do with USA. Oil? Cause they’re not exactly innocent. Don’t understand that.


  2. Wouldn’t it be a scream if YOU should be in the WTC
    when they went down? Maybe you’ll learn then
    why Mr T has a ban, dear.

    We all judge WONG without the fax.
    And dats da fak, Jak.

    Google+: kold_kadavr_ flatliner


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